Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Live Healthy Life With Organic Foods

Every day more and more people are raising concerns about the quality of the food we eat. They are worried because most of our food today is being produced by enormous mega-farms and this industry is very dependent of using a lot of chemicals in the manufacture of our food.

For example, a farm where vegetables or fruits are being raised for public expenditure may be using a lot of chemical sprays to suppress weeds and insect infestations. In some cases, the harmful chemicals are taken up by the plant roots and end up in the food we eat.
Those people who are concerned about their food often decide to make the switch to eating Organic Food even though it may sometimes cost more. Organic Food is raised without artificial chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. The soil is kept very healthy by the application of natural fertilizers such as green manures made from plants.
Plants and animals that are raised organically will contain far more nutrients that our bodies need. They will also be missing in the unwanted chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. For this reason, many people are making the choice to become healthy with organic foods. Most people who try organic foods say that the food tastes far better than produce that has been raised the non-organic way.

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