Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Stay Fit And Healthy With Organic Foods

Can anyone stay healthy throughout his life? No, never. We can only make our immune system strong by taking healthy and nutritious food but can’t help much with catching up diseases. Nowadays adulteration is done in each and everything right from metals to foods that we eat. Organic Foods are grown in a specific manner through organic farming. Such kind of farming implies no use of chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides or hormones to boost plant or animal growth. Only natural resources are used as fertilizers for plants and animals in the organic farming. So one must ensure that besides being nutritive, the food you are eating is safe or not!

Conventional foods are grown at a faster pace to meet the demands and in the bid to do so they are treated with hormonal injections and chemical fertilizers. The major benefit of organic foods is that they are at least free from these toxic remains, if not healthier than conventional foods.

Major Benefits With Organic Foods or Products
•They are close to natural foods as they are grown and cultivated on lands free from toxic elements for a period of three years.
•No toxic residual remains means - no more intake of slow poison.
•Some of the organic products are reported to be more nutritive than the traditional food products.

It is no hidden fact that organic food costs more than the conventional foods due to their specific growing process. If you are using natural foods comparatively 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Are Organic Foods Worth Spending the Extra Buck?

We are all conscious about our health, aren’t we? Sometimes we do experimental things that our innovative while sometimes we take rescue of an age-old tip to keep our health in pink. With the increase intake of residues of pesticides along with the food, we are unknowingly damaging our internal organs such as our liver. Organic Foods might be the ultimate answer to the adulteration issues cropping up!

This is not a hidden fact that Organic Foods are expensive than regular ones. Why? One of the common misinterpretations about organic foods is that they have more nutritive value.

Benefits of Organic Foods
1)The food is free from any pesticide remains and thus your liver is protected from repeated toxic attacks of conventional foods.
2)It burns more calories and improves the overall immunity of the body.
3)They are easily processed by digestive system of our body compared to traditional foods due to no pesticide remains.
4)People can enjoy potato chips and other fried items provided they are of organic food material.
5)You can save environment in the mean time you have your organic food because pesticides and chemicals injected to make fruit or vegetable last longer affect the natural working of the system.

Foods with a tag “100 percent organic” have no artificial added synthetics and the ones with “95 percent organic ingredients” have minor additives; both are eligible to be marked USDA organic stamp. Other food products marked “made with organic ingredients” have close to 70 percent organic stuff but they are out of the list of USDA certified organic foods.
The final call rests with you whether to switch or not to switch for organic foods.

The popularity of organic foods has lately touched new heights with the increasing adulteration in conventional food products. The article focuses on the benefits of organic foods and their need in the coming future.